Tough Cookie

Well, I think maybe Ol Man Winter finally found his way to Edmonton. Snow and a bitter cold wind but I suppose this is to be expected, it is the end of November! Our 2-3 km walks may have come to an abrupt halt.
I’m sure that everyone has been awaiting updates. The truth is that we’ve all taken somewhat of a hiatus from posting. That’s not a bad thing, we have just focused our energy on Lisa and Benji. I can honestly say that it hasn’t been easy at times. It’s quite a dynamic when we have five of us trying to make decisions but with that said it’s also been a learning curve. I know the moms have learned boundaries and if you think it’s a cup of tea living with us moms, think again! But we mean well.
Benji has recovered really quickly and is quite independent. If you looked at his scar today you wouldn’t believe what he did 4 weeks ago. Walking, and now working out at the gym will put Benji right back in the drivers seat in no time!
We knew in the beginning that Lisa’s recovery would be harder. It’s trial and error with medication to find the right combination. She’s had high fevers, nausea and her body has a tough time healing due to the immune system being suppressed. Physio almost daily helps with some severe muscle pain. I have to say that the transplant team is a group of dedicated, professional, individuals that all work together to ensure the best of care.
Our stay in Edmonton is going to be shorter than anticipated. From here we’re heading to Calgary to be followed by her medical team there. A couple of procedures have been booked for December 8th, just around the corner. To be closer to home will make everyone feel better also. Loreen will be heading back to her family in Dauphin and three little grandsons will be overjoyed to see grandma in person, but FaceTiming has been second best! I have been fortunate enough to share some of Loreen’s meals with her and Benji. Dauphin is getting a great home cooking business. I wish I could be a patron! ?
So rest assured! We haven’t forgotten about all of the friends and family, co workers and friends of friends. We think about you daily and are so grateful for helping us through a tough situation.

As we start our next phase for Lisa in Calgary she will have another medical team following along with dr Eksteen. During transplant of a liver the gallbladder is removed, standard procedure.
I remember walking into her hospital room, mid morning, like I had previously. Benji was there and they both looked at me at the same time and Lisa said, come sit here mom. She patted the side of her bed. I’m sure I had that confused, what’s going on look. I sat down.
The Drs had been in to see her early and they brought devastating news.
When Lisa’s gallbladder came back from pathology it was positive for cancer…………..silence, did I just here that right? I was in shock, we all were! The doctor said in their history this has only happened maybe 4 times, very rare! I can’t imagine how Lisa felt sitting there in her hospital bed with a nurse and two surgeons invading her room to tell her that her gallbladder and a lymph node tested positive for cancer. Before everyone jumps to conclusions we know that this wasn’t seen by the surgeons. It was very small. As far as we’re considered, here in Edmonton, the cancer was removed. Another miracle to this is that if she didn’t have the transplant when she did she would be at home not knowing anything was wrong. Another thing to keep in mind is that Lisa was screened for cancer before the transplant and if detected she wouldn’t qualify for transplantation.
So we passed through one hurdle and hit another one. Mentally this has been a tough one. This was the beginning of a new life for Benji and Lisa. He’s strong and she was supposed to be better. But one thing we do know is that that’s “One Tough Cookie”. Lisa can do it and we will stay with her for however long this next step takes! We shall kick chemotherapy in the ass!
We await the outcome from the specialist in Calgary and will keep you updated.



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