Homeward Bound!


It’s official! Lisa and Benji are home and the liver transplant was a success! We are very happy to be back! No offence Edmontonians, but southern Alberta is home for us!
Lisa continues to receive IV antibiotics from home care and from November 30 it will continue for 4 weeks!
Besides their insisions coming open a couple of times everything has been great as of late. It’s amazing what they can do at the University of Alberta hospital. I have personally watched as patients came and went from the ward. The medical staff involved on the ward have earned my highest respect!
I don’t have a clue as to how to thank everyone as they prayed and sent well wishes. Words can’t describe how grateful we are. Lisa’s sisters got them a deep freeze and filled it with pre-cooked meals so Benji and Lisa didn’t have to cook. Not only did they fix the meals but they also cleaned and sanitized the house so it would be ready for Lisa. A huge thank you to Jenny, Joni, Patty and friend Val! Rosie was kind enough to house sit for them and Errol made sure Lexi was taken care of. Ash and Collin, from next door, kept in contact for the two months and that travel basket was appreciated Ash!
Lisa and Benjis journey now will continue in Calgary starting tomorrow with a check up with Dr Eksteen. From there they will do follow up concerning the cancer that was found in Lisa’s gallbladder.
But as of right now we are happy to be home with family and friends! I, for one, have been looking forward to seeing my friends at work , and not to forget Sandy and Adam! It was so much fun visiting and laughing during the entertainment on the Holiday Train that stopped at Pincher Station!
If I don’t get a chance to see everyone before Christmas and New Years I want to wish everyone the very best for Christmas and in the coming year!

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