Life after surgery

Its been a while now since we have posted and it’s because we really just needed some time to get all the facts straight. It’s been a wild ride since October with many complications coming after the transplant. So what does our future look like now? Well, we saw Lisa’s specialist and her blood work has returned back to normal which is very good news! He also said that a typical day for Lisa, for the next few months, will involve a lot of bed rest, sometimes even half the day or more but with time she will get better and back into a normal sleep pattern and regain the ability to get up and out more often.
One thing we have found out is that they are NOT going to offer her chemotherapy just yet. There is nothing showing on any scans to suggest there is cancer still. Time will tell if she is in fact cancer free. If she can go 5 years without having the cancer come back then they will deem her cured due to surgery. Until then we will hope and pray that future scans will stay clear!!
For the time being we will slowly return to normal living. I had my appendix out yesterday so I will not be returning to work for another few weeks. Lisa will recover as long as she needs to (up to or more than a full year). She has some amazing ideas and plans for the future that we are excited about including finally the potential for us to start a family (with humans, not just animals haha).
Please respect the fact that we both NEED TO KNOW if you think you or your children are sick before coming in contact with us. Getting viral or bacterial infections are Lisa’s biggest enemy right now. We know we can’t guard against everything but we appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this.
Now how do we even begin to say thank you….We are surrounded by the most caring, generous, loving friends and family. Opening your hearts, the countless prayers and helping us financially has really been uplifting and is what keeps us going everyday. We will need your continued support on what we are hoping is the home stretch here!!!
The Husbands ?

Everyone is happy to be home!

Everyone is happy to be home!





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  • You are both an incredible couple and what a GREAT LOVE STORY. We love you both and always say a prayer and think of you often

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