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Lisa was born October 23 1986. She had a normal childhood but started feeling sick around the year 2000, Drs chalked it up to growing pains

Lisa was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2004. The colitis was uncontrollable, even with medication. The Dr decided to take out her large bowel, and replace it with a J pouch, which was ulcerative continuously (pouchitis) and Lisa was very sick. Her Dr said the J pouch had to come out.

A very popular car show, Street Wheelers, was being held in Lethbridge. Lisa and her friends always attended and between jumping into mini monster trucks and oogling all of the fancy cars (that’s her story and she’s sticking to it) she managed to fall accidentally and broke her ankle, only a week before a major surgery to remove her large bowel. We had to postpone her surgery and it was rebooked for the late fall. I whipped into Lethbridge at that time to pick her up two days before her rescheduled surgery. One day for prep and then her operation . On the way back to Lundbreck, one mile from home, we decided to have an encounter with a moose. The car and moose were a total write off but Lisa and I escaped with nothing but a small scratch and a bunch of clothing full of ticks!! Needless to say we were not going to postpone surgery a second time so we brushed out the ticks, went to bed and made it to Calgary the next day via a farm truck! But we were there!

After removing her large bowel in 2007 and replacing it with a J pouch she was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and PSC (Primary Schiliosos Colongitis) a degenerative liver disease which was caused because the J pouch was so inflamed all of the time. Being close to the liver, her immune system started to attack her liver. It seems that if there was ever a rare possibility of something occurring it was never in Lisa’s favour.

She has since battled pain, jaundice, pancreatitis, infections and many complications including abscesses the size of a soft ball, small intestine obstructions due to scar tissue and pressure, blood clots, kidney and bladder infections and the list goes on! The one thing that Lisa has wanted ever since she was a child was to have a child and family of her own. She became an aunty at 5 years old and her love of children grew from there. She has over 12 nieces and nephews. Because of all of her complications and surgeries that dream of having a family is very grim . (devastating news for her,  as it’s what she was meant to do in life, be a mom)

Lisa graduated in 2004 and has life long friends since kindergarten. She loved sports and had special teachers that helped her in the senior years when she began getting sick.

She also spent many days with her 4 brothers and 3 sisters, and their families as time with family has always been important to Lisa.

Lisa met Benji in 2005, started dating (after a Leon’s Furniture date, another story) in 2008, the day she got home from a Bahamas trip that we had taken to celebrate a year after her first surgery. They became acquainted thanks to a mutual friend, Benjis roommate and Lisa’s friend Travis. Lisa and Benji instantly fell in love, but because they were already involved in other relationships they didn’t get together. But that didn’t stop them from thinking about each other every waking moment. All in all, they found each other again, this time unattached and have been inseparable since.

Lisa and Benji are celebrating their 4th anniversary on July 9th of this year, 2015. Their wedding almost took place in the hospital but with the great care of her Drs and her skin and eyes yellow from her disease, she made it home to Lethbridge, and on a beautiful, sunny, summer day she married her soul mate, Benji Husband. Benji and his family have followed Lisa through so many ups and downs they know her as well as her her own family. It takes a very special person to commit to an extraordinary circumstance! Lisa and Benji were both counselled on the dramatic amount of stress put on married couples, financially, personally and spiritually.He has been by her side every step of the way.

Benjis vows to Lisa
Benjis vows to Lisa

With all this said, Lisa is still very sick. She’s listed on the liver transplant list. Benji and I (mom) stepped forward to be tested as a potential living donor, as well as her sisters Jenny, Joni and Patty. Unfortunately her sisters didn’t match. My aunt, Deanna came forward and Carina W, a very close friend of Lisa and Benji was also tested but because of a blood condition couldn’t continue.

As a mom it was my mission to be able to give life back to my daughter a second time. I lived and breathed it every day. I was a match! I couldn’t have been any happier and that sounds so minuscule. After several tests in Edmonton I received the most dreaded phone call a mom could receive. The anatomy of my liver wasn’t compatible. I had a “corkscrew” shaped vein through my liver that would prevent me from being her donor. I was devastated, and with the tears in my voice I had to call Benji and Lisa. How does a mom deal with this? Let me tell you how.

Benji was also in the process of being tested and he also was a match! So with me on the back burner he continued with his tests. That’s when I received a second call from the transplant clinic in Edmonton. I was 100% off potential donors for Lisa. That meant only one thing! Benji was 100% compatible. We were more than elated! Lisa has a living donor which means quicker surgery and hopefully a return to what she hasn’t had since she was a child, a NORMAL life.

So when I say this is a love story, believe me, it’s so much more! Lisa will get a major portion of her husbands liver and his portion will grow back within a month or so. (Read more on the living donor website/university of Alberta hospital). Think about this for a moment. A husband loves his wife enough to give her the gift of life, a portion of himself and without this gift she may not survive. There wasn’t a second thought, should I do this, shouldn’t I do this, it was never an option for Benji! He was sent to Lisa for a reason and the reason was to save her life. It was a divine intervention and Benji was meant for Lisa.


Lisa and Benji with confirmation that Benji will donate part of his liver to his wife, Lisa!

Lisa and Benji with confirmation that Benji will donate part of his liver to his wife, Lisa!

So, for Benji, we are very grateful. Words can’t describe! I’m certain that with her Drs, family support and Benji it will be a recovery worth remembering. Lisa has so much encouragement from everyone. Her brother Wade and his wife are a strong support, and will be stepping in to give Loreen and myself a break. Because they live in Lloydminister, east of Edmonton, it will be most convenient as most of Lisa’s family, including her father and extended brothers and sisters are in southern Alberta. Benjis mom, Loreen Husband, from Dauphin Manitoba, will be by his side and I will be there by Lisa’s side.

We hope that you can support this mission in any way possible. Benji will be off of work for an extended time and Lisa will also be in recovery. His mom will be taking time off of work as will I. We will be staying in Edmonton for the duration, for however long it takes for our kids to recuperate.

Most sincerely
Dawn Davis

Ps: I know Loreen Husband can relate, but how many women can say that they are a “husband” and they have a “husband”? A select few only.


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  • I get tears every time I read. They have been sad tears but they are tears of joy and tears of hope! I love every single one of you sooo much!

    • I have tears of joy as I have just read your blog. The anguish all have you must have been through waiting and now for the surgery. May prayers and hugs be with all of you. You have a remarkable family. Love you guys

  • our family had the pleasure of having Benji living with us for a short period of time when he played for the OCN Blizzard back in 2003-2004 in his Junior Hockey days. What a great kid then and now what a truly loving giving person to do this for his wife. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her but from her pictures that I see of her she seems so lovely. My thoughts and prayers will be with them.

  • I am crying after just reading this. But they are happy tears knowing that Lisa will be saved. She is blessed to have not only found the true love everyone desires for themselves, but also a true saint in Benji. I love you all so much.

  • Jenny Davis Douglas

    I am so proud of you my beautiful little sister! Many teary phonecalls between us sisters throughout the years. Sad tears, joyful tears,tears from uncontrollable laughter,all healing tears. I have so much pride in this girl who has battled for her health. This girl who has had so many obstacles put in her way only to kick butt and Davis on. She has never given up. She has never shown fear. She has never been more beautiful throughout it all. She is truly an inspiration all on her own, and with Benji’s support and all that he has given my little sister, they are unstoppable. We are all so grateful to him for giving what we are not able to, and for this we thank you Benji, for giving my baby sister everything, literally. I love you both so much! Its been a long rough ride and you have endured it all like a true Cowboy, and all 7 of your siblings are so proud!

  • This is such a beautiful story full of love and devotion. Very special husband – a true love story that is very rare. God Bless you all! Best Wishes

  • Anno & LaVerne Dykstra

    We are so grateful to read about this miracle! So blessed you all are! Tears rolled down our cheeks as we read about your long struggles, finding an amazing partner(each of you), soul mates for sure Dawn! All of the family members are in our prayers, as you watch, wait, love, support each other. As your story unfolds, the prayer chains cannot help but reach around the world, several times, joining hands, encouraging all of you, and all who are touched by your strength and love. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to read of your journey. Blessings for swift recoveries!

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