Addiction or dependency?

From Moms point …..

This will be anything but glamorous, to tell a side of the story that many parents go through but may never speak aloud about. I suppose that if Lisa and Benji are brave enough to “go public” then it’s the least that I can do also. This topic has definitely been a form of contention, a tough one to express and difficult to put into words.A weekend getaway A weekend getaway

Drugs and addiction

When some suffers from chronic pain and illness daily you can’t just go to the pharmacy and get relief. Well, you can but over the counter drugs such as Tylenol a huge role in liver damage. I’ve never been in the hospital, nor have I had to take painkillers other than what we purchase at a pharmacy. So it’s hard for me to relate to today’s remedies, and that opiates are the answer for pain. When this is prescribed we all know what the outcome can be. And I’ve been that person standing back, saying “You have a drug problem, you better get that under control!” Read more