Why should you help

Why should you help…..
Lisa and Benji aren’t in the habit of asking for help. When it became known that Lisa needed a liver transplant, in Edmonton, we began thinking about when where why how… Benji is self employed and only eligible for 6 weeks of compassionate care EI. Lisa can’t work, and hasn’t for quite some time, she has even had her drivers license revoked. There are certain guidelines that have to be in place just to be a living donor, for example, if you don’t have a support person by your side they deter you from donating. The same is for Lisa, support people have to be on board. I’m there for Lisa, as is her brother and his family whom reside east of Edmonton. Benji’s mom, Loreen, will be here from Dauphin, Manitoba, for Benji.

It will be a minimum of a 3 month stay in Edmonton for Lisa’s recovery, providing there aren’t complications. Benji’s stay in the hospital should be approximately 10 days, and 3 months off of work.

There are numerous times when work has taken a back seat when Benji had to take Lisa to the hospital and even his work-up to be a living donor has meant several trips to Edmonton. They live in Lethbridge, 2 hours from Lisa’s specialist in Calgary and 5-6 hours from Edmonton.

This last year hasn’t been kind to them. While Benji was working away in PEI, he hadn’t been gone one week and his nightmare came true. Lisa was in the Calgary hospital. After lots of phone calls between him, Lisa and myself he decided that we would look after Lisa from this end. He stayed working, but he talked with her numerous times a day. During her stay in the hospital, two weeks, we had a terrible down pour of rain in Lethbridge. Lisa’s neighbour called, frantic! The Husbands basement was flooding. I immediately drove to Lethbridge. Water was pouring in from the foundation. Long story short, they were lucky the house hadn’t been condemned. Water had been coming in for years and everything under the floor and behind the walls was either crumbling or rotten.
Benji couldn’t stay away and have his sick wife deal with this. It was hard enough for him to stay away while she was in the hospital. And now this! The company he worked for purchased his plane ticket for him and sent him back to Lisa.

Insurance didn’t cover the damage. The basement was gutted, new supports for the house were built and the basement was redone! This was all out of pocket. They had to remortgage the house to pay for this.

The stay in Edmonton will be at least 3 months and for 3 couples. Loreen is taking time off of work and I am too. Lisa and Benji’s mortgage will still have to be paid. We need appropriate accommodations for 2-4 healthy persons but close to the U of A Hospital as Lisa, possibly Benji will require daily physical therapy to recover. Part time work for myself in Edmonton is probable. But nothing stops because of the surgery. Bills still have to be paid. Whatever eases the stress off of Benji and Lisa would be so appreciated.




  • Hey Benji, it’s “Kranium” sad to hear this news. I have followed you a bit on FB and you seem to be over the moon happy with your wife. I was shocked and saddened by this news. I glad to see you have been keeping such a positive and up beat attitude towards all of this. (I wouldn’t have expected anything less) I would say you are one of a kind Benji , always smiling , lending a helping hand to anyone and more than enough laughs to go around.

    I would like to help you guys through this in any way I can. I live in Leduc (5 min fr Edmonton airport ,10 min fr Edmonton) so on top of a $ donation (how can I send this?) I have 2 spare beds as well if anyone needs because hotels can suck and eating out gets old. Don’t worry about extended stays we love company!!

    Cheers buddy you guys got this!!

    Josh Kowalchuk AKA “Kranium” !!

    • gsinnott@shaw.ca

      Hi Josh. This is Lisa’s mom, I’ll be sure that Benji reads this! You can donate to Parkland Crossing or a Gofundme page. Look on the website under the page Our shoulders to cry on. Thanks so much for visiting the website and keeping up on the FB page.

    • Hey Kranium so good to hear from you, thank you so much for reaching out! I knew you lived up there somewhere just wasn’t sure exactly where. The offer is greatly appreciated man are you still with the dealership or have you moved on to other things? I would recommend going through the Parkland Crossing for any donations for two reasons, 1. You will receive a tax receipt for charitable donations and 2. Is nice to go though a Dauphin organization since we grew up there. If you have any trouble just let me know! It’s been way to long my friend lets try and see eachother when I’m up in E town maybe I’ll come stay at your place to “get away” for a couple nights!


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